Occasional Studies

Several times per year DNB issues an Occasional Study, a publication designed for a broader public than just economists. Occasional Studies cover a specific research or policy theme, contributing to national and international policy debates.

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Overzicht van DNB Occasional Study
Title or themeDate
02 - An international scorecard for measuring bank performance: The case of Dutch banks April 2006
J.W.B. Bos, J.A.J. Draulans, D. van den Kommer and B.A. Verhoef
01 - EUROMON: the multi-country model of De Nederlandsche Bank February 2006
Maria Demertzis, Peter van Els, Sybille Grob and Marga Peeters
02 - Payments are no free lunch October 2005
Hans Brits and Carlo Winder
01 - Labour market participation of ageing workers. Micro-financial incentives and policy considerations June 2005
W. Allard Bruinshoofd en Sybille G. Grob
02 -Depositor and investor protection in the Netherlands: past, present and future June 2004
Gillian Garcia and Henriëtte Prast
01 - Towards a framework for financial stability June 2004
Aerdt Houben, Jan Kakes and Garry Schinasi
04- A Survey of Institutional Frameworks for Financial Stability November 2003
Sander Oosterloo and Jakob de Haan
03 - Intermediation,integration and internationalisation: a survey on banking in Europe September 2003
Jaap Bikker and Sandra Wesseling
02 - The Blurring of Distinctions between Financial Sectors: Fact or Fiction? January 2003
Annemarie van der Zwet
01 - Requirements for successful currency regimes: The Dutch and Thai experiences January 2003
Robert-Paul Berben, Jan Marc Berk, Ekniti Nitihanprapas, Kanit Sangsuphan, Pisit Puapan and Piyaporn Sodsriwiboon
76-85 from 85 results