nr 017 - Programme of Requirements - a powerful tool to develop new, secure banknotes

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Date 28 January 2008

New banknote designs are often disappointing because:
- The new note is not on time, as a result of endless design loops and time consuming decision making.
- The new note exceeds the development budget because of not foreseen additional research.
- The new note is not attractive and does not communicate.
- And the worst: a mistake is made, e.g. in the text or in one of the images. Or something is forgotten.

Although may be bureaucratic at first glance, working with a clear Programme of Requirements (POR) could diminish the above shortcomings. The graphic designer might qualify the listed requirements ‘as thick as a telephone book’. But in practice working with a POR for new banknotes will save a lot of paper work and will turn out to be efficient and user friendly. Further more it will lead to new design concepts. 

Recently Quality Management is another driver to introduce a Programme of Requirements, especially when central banks want to operate according ISO 9001. A complete POR is a key part in such a procedure.