nr 003 - Comparence EUR - USD banknotes

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Date 5 February 2003

In February of 2002 the US Treasury Department, the European Central Bank and the Dutch Central Bank conducted studies on public awareness of banknotes. Each of the three studies had a different purpose/goal. The United States evaluated public knowledge of the dollar in the US, the European Central Bank studied the effects of the Euro-note public education campaign and the Dutch Central Bank compared the public perception of the new Euro-notes with previous research performed on the NLG-notes. The set up of the US-study did take note of the Dutch-studies, for example the sampling period was chosen also in February 2002 and the questions on appreciation were made comparable. However, while the studies were implemented independently there are only some elements that are common and can be compared and contrasted. This paper examines the results of the three different studies and serves as a baseline analysis of multi-national public awareness of bank notes.