nr 021 - New Soiling Test Method: Anti-Dirty Fingers

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Date 26 January 2010

The deterioration of banknotes is mainly studied in practice, i.e. in circulation trials. This is a direct consequence of the lack of knowledge about the physical and chemical processes that cause deterioration in circulation. Because circulation trials have some major drawbacks DNB initiated research on these basic issues. By using an artificial sebum in combination with an ageing treatment a so-called 'Super Unfit' banknote was reproduced under laboratory conditions. It is likely that the sebum on circulated banknotes is due to interaction with the human finger. While the banknote is transferred the banknote is touched and fingerprint deposits are left behind on the banknote. During the lifetime of the banknote this procedure is frequently repeated, i.e. fingerprint deposits will accumulate and eventually will form a layer of aged sebum (soil).