Cross-border payment behaviour of Dutch consumers in 2009

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Date 8 December 2010

The payment system in the Netherlands is undergoing major reconstruction. We are moving towards a single European payments market: the Single Euro Payments Area, or SEPA for short. Since 2007, DNB has carried out annual surveys among Dutch consumers to cast light on their payment behaviour, perceptions and wishes regarding paying to and in other euro countries, both now and over time. This survey report describes the most important findings and conclusions of the 4th survey conducted early in 2010. The results show that the first consequences of SEPA are slowly becoming visible, but that a true single internal European payments market is still not a reality. The survey also shows that the awareness and impression of SEPA is still incomplete and sometimes even incorrect. This underlines the importance of already starting giving careful thought to the way in which SEPA can best be communicated to the public.