Consumption of banknotes in the Netherlands

DNB Betalingsverkeer
Date 10 April 2002

DNB has shown interest in an efficient use of banknotes since 1957. In that year we started issuing all banknotes with a special varnish in order to protect the notes against soiling. During this period efforts were made to improve the quality of the coating with the help of circulation trials. The last circulation trial, held in 1998, showed that coated notes lasted twice as long as uncoated ones. This articles describes DNBs history in varnishing notes and the effect on the consumption of notes. Another option to extend the life span of banknotes is to improve the quality of the sorting process. The problem of the dissatisfying sorting quality of is caused by the variation in the banknotes introduced during the production of the banknotes. Especially the intaglio step of the production process generates the majority of the variation. As long as the variation is not stabilized a good sorting quality is impossible. An improvement of the unsatisfactorily sorting quality can be achieved by using multiple physical properties such as age or transmission and possibly others.