682 - Smooth Euro Changeover, Higher Prices? Results of a Survey Among Dutch Retailers

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 March 2002

The Dutch changeover to euro banknotes and coins proceeded both remarkably smoothly and rapidly. After one week, over 90% of all cash payments were being made in euro. Fears of the payment system breaking down, always rampant among businesses and the public alike, did not materialise. Fears of price rises on the other hand, were not entirely unfounded, as evidenced by a survey held by the Bank among retailers in January. The changeover from guilders to euro has pushed consumer prices up by 0.2-0.4%, in part because retailers passed the ensuing costs on to their customers, but also because prices were rounded up towards attractive euro prices. In time, the introduction of the euro willpresumably lead to lower prices. Key words: Euro cash-changeover, survey, price impact of cash-changeover JEL codes: E31