693 - Should Structural Policy be Discontinued? The Macro-Economic Impact of Structural Policy on the EU-15 and the main Candidate Countries

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 July 2002

Some studies in the literature exert strong criticism with regards to the Structural Policy of the European Union. This study reviews the past Structural Policy and pays special attention to the proposals for the next budgetary period 2007-2013 as laid down in the Dutch IBO-report (2001). Simulation and empirical research results are used to answer the question to what extent the main aim of the Structural Funds, achieving a catching up of the poor to the rich regions within Europe, was reached so far and to study the possible implications of the IBO-scenarios. The announced accession of the main Central and Eastern European countries to the European Union definitely plays an important role. Key words: Structural Policy, European Union, accession countries JEL codes: E6, E10, E37