718 - EUROMON: De Nederlandsche Bank's Multi-Country Model

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 December 2002

The paper presents a guide to the theoretical properties of EUROMON, the Nederlandsche Bank's multi-country model for implementing policy analysis. It is written with a view to expanding Chapter 2 of the DNB Monetary Monograph 19, which provides for a model description. EUROMON is an aggregate neo-Keynesian model where output is described in the long run by a vertical supply curve, but is strongly affected by demand factors in the short run. At the same time, the model incorporates a wage bargaining framework which makes the long-run equilibrium unemployment rate dependent on real factors (for example tax policies and terms of trade).Our future use of the model will require further strengthening of internal theoretical consistencies, including the introduction of forward looking elements. We present four indicative simulations that summarise the properties of the model.