650 - Eurosentiment recovers: results of the eleventh DNB-euro-survey

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 March 2001

This research memorandum presents and discusses the results of the 11th euro survey which was held in February/March 2001 among the Ducht public and business sector. The negative trend in eurosentiment and satisfaction about the provision of information has stopped. Euro knowledge has improved on vital issues. Moreover the business community has energetically begun to prize in euro and the continuous increase of euroconversion costs seems to have stopped. On the whole the Dutch public wishes to alleviate the burden of euroconversion carried by retailers, for example by using payment cards. A major concern is that the business community has to realise euro preparations in a relatively short time, although it has to be taking into account that the entrepreneurs themselves are not pessimistic. Furthermore, Dutch society is rather worried whether a smooth transition from guilder to euro is possible. Finally, people are increasingly concerned that changing prices into euro will push up the cost of living. Keywords: euro, EMU, euro-conversion.