652 - Calendarium of the economic, monetary and political co-operation in Europe, especially within the European Union in the period 1999-2000

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 November 2000

This research memorandum presents a chronology of (press) information about important measures, events, adresses, quotations an comments by politicians, banking economists and other financial experts closely involved in the European integration process. Central points in the report are the weak exchange rate of the euro vis à vis the dollar and views on the future development of the European Union. Special attention deserves in this connection a speech by the German foreign minister Fischer held at Humbold University in May 2000. His definition of European federation comes closer to the French national approach by transforming the United States of Europe, as advocated by Winston Churchill already in 1946, into the United Europe of the States. Key words: euro, EMU, EU