640 - Preparations for euro conversion stagnate: results of the tenth DNB-euro-survey

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 November 2000

This research memorandum presents and discusses the results of the 10th DNB euro survey whivh was held in September/October 2000 by NIPO commissioned by the Nederlandsche Bank. Confidence in the European currency has declined the main reason being the weakening of the euro vis-à-vis the dollar. In the longer run, though, people expect the euro to recover. Euro knowledge decreases among houdholds and firms, especiakky with respect to the length of the dual period and the euroguilder conversion rate. A majority of the Dutch public want, as soon as possible, products to be priced in euro, but shops are reluctant to come forward, in spite of the convenant by Consumer organisations and retailers. Preparation of Dutch companies remains inadequate. The one-time euro conversion cost is estimated by the business community at NLG 7 billion (excluding the banking sector), which is higher than six months ago. More than half of the Dutch have doubts about a smooth transition from guilder to euro, but no consequences are foreseen in their pattern of spending for the time being. Both consumers and companies expect prices to rise as a result of converting to euro labelled prices. Keywords: euro, EMU, euro-conversion