617 - Eurodynamics loose momentum: results of the ninth DNB-euro-survey

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 April 2000

This research memorandum presents and discusses the results of the ninth DNB euro survey which was held in February/March, 2000 by NIPO by order of de Nederlandsche Bank. The results shows a stable euro-support but a decrease of euro-knowledge among households and firms. The majority of households is willing to buy a limited amount of euro-coins in December, 2001, but retailers show themselves reluctant to cooperate in this area. Moreover, not all retailers are planning to commit themselves to pricing their products in euro from July 1, 2001, as was agreed upon in a convenant directed at helping consumers in getting used to the euro. Preparation of firms is slow and many small-to medium-sized firms expect to be able to convert to euro without any preparation at all. The one-time euro-conversion cost is estimated by firms at Hfl 5 billion, of which Hfl 1 billion has been spent already. Expected direct yearly euro-benefits amount to Hfl 7 billion. Key words: euro, EMU, euro-conversion