666 - Going on for twelve: results of the 12th DNB-euro-survey

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 September 2001

This research memorandum presents and discusses the results of the 12th DNB-euro survey which was held in July 2001 among the Dutch public and business sector. The business community has energetically embarked upon preparing for the euro. Large scale and medium-sized enterprises have materialised 70% of the necessary investments, small businesses around 50%. Although quite a few things have yet to be done, the enterpreneurs themselves are confident on the outcome. Two thirds of Dutch society has faith in the euro as a successor to the guilder. Both satisfaction about the provision of information and the actual euro knowledge has improved considerably. This particularly holds for the knowledge of the correct duration of the dual fase, although this remains a subject of constant concern. Public and business community are rather worried whether a smooth transition from guilder to euro is feasible. They fear it’s too complex an operation and foresee long cues at cash desks, counters and booking offices. To alleviate the burden of the euroconversion carried by retailers a growing number of Dutchmen is prepared to use payment cards. Finally, four out of five interviewees assume that the euroconversion will lead to veiled price increases, although so far neither the Consumentenbond nor the Nederlandsche Bank found facts or arguments to sustain their fear. Keywords: euro, EMU, euro-conversion