580 - The euro in the Netherlands: results of the eight’ DNB euro survey

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 May 1999

This paper presents the results of the eight’ DNB euro survey which was held in March 1999 by NIPO by order of de Nederlandsche Bank. Conclusions with respect to the consumers are, that the support for the euro is stable, that the knowledge about euro en EMU is at an acceptable level, that there is no widespread need for checking accounts in euro but that consumers would like to see euro prices on consumer products. Businesses’ preparation on the changeover is growing, retailers are as yet hesitant to price their products in both guilder and euro, and businesses are planning to spread the cost of introducing the euro over the coming years. The business sector expects to incur one-time changeover costs of an amount of Hfl. 4.5 billion, whereas they estimate the yearly direct benefits of the euro introduction at Hfl. 2.2 billion. Key words: euro, EMU, opinion poll