536 - The appreciation of the Quarterly Bulletin: results of an opinion poll among the readers

Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Date 1 March 1997

In January, 1998, a telephone survey was held among the readers of the Nederlandsche Bank Quarterly Bulletin. Purpose of this poll was to get to know the readers’ opinion about the Quarterly Bulletin and to investigate whether the readers would welcome a more frequent publication. On the basis of the poll results the following conclusions can be drawn. The opinion of the readers on the Quarterly Bulletin is quite positive. After the start of EMU the readers would still appreciate publication of the Dutch central bank governor’s view on monetary policy. The readers are less interested in the Statistical Appendix than they were ten years ago. Publication of the Quarterly Bulletin on Internet would be appreciated by the readers, but should not replace the paper version. Fifty percent of the readers would welcome a more frequent publication, but not as a substutute of the Quarterly Bulletin. Finally, the Nederlandsche Bank appears to have become more accessible to the readers in the past ten years. Keywords: Quarterly Bulletin, opinion poll