DNB Staff reports

In these reports, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) used to publish the results of its scientific research activities. End of June 2004 the research series DNB Staff Reports was discontinued as a separate publication and merged into a new series called DNB Working Papers. 


English versions of DNB Staff Reports can only be downloaded in .pdf format (see below).

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Overzicht van Wetenschappelijke publicatie
Title or themeDate
126 - Evidence from a nonstationary dynamic panel data analysis December 2004
Maarten Bosker
125 - Market Impact Costs of Institutional Equity Trades December 2004
Jacob A. Bikker, Laura Spierdijk and Pieter Jelle van der Sluis
124 - Dutch Corporate Liquidity Management December 2004
W. Allard Bruinshoofd and Clemens J. M. Kool
123 - The Dynamic Adjustment towards Target capital Structures of Firms in Transition Economies December 2004
Ralph de Haas and Marga Peeters
122 - Central Bank Communication and Output Stabilization November 2004
Marco Hoeberichts, Mewael Tesfaselassie and Sylvester Eijffinger
121 - Inflation Expectations and Learning about Monetary Policy November 2004
David Andolfatto, Scott Hendry and Kevin Moran
120 - Information variables for monetary policy in a small structural model of the euro area November 2004
Francesco Lippi and Stefano Neri
119 - Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing Experiments November 2004
Cars Hommes, Joep Sonnemans, Jan Tuinstra and Henk van de Velden
118 - Does inflation targeting matter? November 2004
Laurence Ball and Niamh Sheridan
117 - Public and Private Information in Monetary Policy Models November 2004
Jeffery D. Amato and Hyun Song Shin
116 - Optimal Monetary Policy with Imperfect Common Knowledge November 2004
Klaus Adam
115 - Expectations and the Effects of Money Illusion November 2004
Ernst Fehr and Jean-Robert Tyran
114 - A Taylor Rule for the Euro Area Based on Quasi-Real Time Data January 2004
Yvonne Adema
113 - The Dynamic Properties of InflationTargeting Under Uncertainty Defined Benefit Pension Funds January 2004
Maria Demertzis and Nicola Viegi
110 - Corporate Investment and FinancingConstraints: Connections with Cash Management December 2003
Allard Bruinshoofd
1-15 from 105 results