199 - Simulations in the Dutch interbank payment system: A sensitivity analysis

DNB Working Papers
Date 21 January 2009

This paper presents an analysis on the sensitivity of the Dutch interbank payment system with respect to the value transferred and the amount of available collateral. The Dutch system can be characterised as a system with a few large and many relatively small participants. Historical data has been used and modified to create a stress scenario. The changes with respect to the historical data are either an increase or a decrease of payment values of one of the large participants. This change of the payment value has been applied to the three large banks in the Dutch system. The collateral level has also been modified between the different stress scenarios. In total four levels of collateral are investigated of which 2 are based on historical data and 2 on theoretical calculated values, the upper and lower bound. The results of this paper are both in terms of number of banks affected and the amount of unsettled values by the end of the day. JEL codes: C88, E58, G21 Key words: interbank, payment system, operational disruption, liquidity, stress simulations, TOP, TARGET