273 - Public Debt Managers Behaviour: Interactions with Macro Policies

DNB Working Papers
Date 31 December 2010

We investigate the evolution of public debt management, the policy behaviour of debt managers, and the impact of debt management on financial stability and monetary policy.The focus is on the euro area. Empirical estimations of a debt management reaction function indicate that the share of short term debt (i) responds to the yield curve or the level of interest rates, in line with the objective of cost minimisation; and (ii) has been increasing especially since the onset of the economic crisis. The increase in short term debt brings about higher refinancing risks and strengthens the interaction of public debt management with financial stability and monetary policy. The sharp increase in cross border ownership of public debt since the adoption of the euro further amplifies potential spill-over effects. Policy recommendations focus on the need for transparency on the use of derivatives and prudent debt management that reflects broader macroeconomic considerations.