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The Art of Transformation, will banks keep up? February 2017

Dat was het thema van het bankenseminar van 8 februari in de Hermitage. Hier waren ruim honderd leden van de raden van bestuur van de banken in Nederland. DNB-toezichthouders en bestuurders van banken wisselden van gedachten over de invloed van transformatie op de banken: in het beleid én de dagelijkse praktijk. Met als doel om samen scherper in beeld te krijgen wat de impact is van de veranderingen.

Pakkende speeches werden gegeven door Jan Sijbrand: ‘trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair’, Hans de Jong (CEO Benelux Philips): ‘adapt! and drop your deadly beliefs’, Patrick Amis (ECB): ‘fintech is not a strategy but a business model’ en ten slotte Frank Elderson: ‘distinguish between ‘doing and acting’ versus ‘being and becoming’. Een en ander vond plaats onder begeleiding van dagvoorzitter Farid Tabarki (bekend van studio Zeitgeist) en werd verder ondersteund door een online app waarmee deelnemers a tempo vragen konden stellen over alles wat langs kwam.

Na een paneldiscussie werd het laatste deel van de dag besteed aan ronde tafelgesprekken, geleid door koppels van DNB’ers en externen, over diverse transformation gerelateerde onderwerpen, zoals business models, sustainability, cybercrime, crowdfunding & P2P, fintech, blockchain, Big data en de wijzigingen na PSD2.

Supervision of Behaviour and Culture November 2015

2008 – The scale of the financial crisis showed us that supervision on figures and facts no longer sufficed. More than ever, we realized that our supervisory scope should be extended to include the people who pull the strings. Acting on this lesson, DNB launched a new kind of supervision in 2010: supervision of behavior and culture.

This book addresses questions such as How should we start this type of supervision? What tools and theoretical background should we apply? What kind of expertise is needed? Its foundation lies in a systematic approach based on field experience and substantive scientific research. Plus a deep-rooted conviction that this kind of supervision is a much-needed additional tool to further strengthen supervision.

DNB Supervisory Strategy 2014-2018 March 2014

DNB advocates assertive European banking supervision and directs its own supervisory approach towards improvements in information provision, the quality of risk analyses and behaviour adjustment at institutions under its supervision. DNB is to intensify the surveillance of financial sector integrity and will, within the constraints of the law, seek greater openness on its supervisory practice. These points figure prominently in the new DNB Supervisory Strategy 2014–2018.

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Information bulletin Assesments May 2012

The AFM and DNB conduct competence and integrity assessments of individuals nominated for appointment to positions in the financial sector. This joint bulletin contains important information about the assessment process for all enterprises subject to supervision by AFM and DNB. It includes information on: Developments in the assessment process; Information about the Directors Monitor; AFM and DNB observations on the assessment process and points for improvement. There is a general version and one specifically for pension funds.

Interim report on DNB’s supervision of behaviour and culture December 2011

In DNB’s policy document ‘Supervisory Strategy 2010 – 2014’, behaviour and culture constitute major supervisory focus. Behaviour and culture within an institution influence corporate performance. In its supervision of behaviour and culture, DNB pays explicit attention to such matters as leadership and leadership styles, convictions and values of staff members, openness of discussions and unconscious group patterns of behaviour.

DNB Supervisory themes 2011: Strategy, conduct and improved risk management February 2011
Supervision of strategy and conduct, anchoring of new supervisory frameworks, better risk management and a
sharper focus on data quality and interpretation – these are the key elements of DNB's 2011 supervision programme. DNB is allocating a larger share of its capacity to thematic supervision. This is one of the ways
in which DNB implements the supra-institutional approach to supervision announced in its Supervisory Strategy 2010–2014.
Notification joint procurement rating agency services January 2011
Towards a more stable financial system: Macroprudential supervision at DNB May 2010

The credit crisis has exposed major vulnerabilities within the fi nancial system. Worldwide, not least in the Netherlands, the authorities have had to take drastic action to safeguard fi nancial stability. Subsequently, lessons need to be drawn from the crisis. Domestically and internationally, this process has been in full swing for some time now.


DNB Supervisory Strategy 2010 - 2014 and Themes 2010 March 2010

The credit crisis severely tested the resilience of the financial system as well as the supervision of that system all over the world. This Supervisory Strategy 2010-2014 outlines the lessons that the Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has drawn for its prudential supervision. DNB argues in favour of tighter supervision in various areas, in aspects
of the national and international supervisory framework on the one hand; and of DNB’s own supervisory approach on the other. The crisis has demonstrated that, now more than ever, supervisors should look beyond individual institutions. In addition, supervision should devote more attention to institutions’ business models and strategies as well as their culture and conduct.

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The Dutch Financial System; An Investigation of Current and Future Trends July 2009
Dit rapport brengt de veranderende omgeving waarin Nederlandse financiële spelers zich moeten positioneren in kaart. DNB vindt het belangrijk om deze veranderende omgeving grondig te bestuderen, in het licht van haar gecombineerde verantwoordelijkheid voor financiële stabiliteit en de gezondheid van individuele instellingen.
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Report of the Financial Stability Forum on Enhancing Market and Institutional Resilience April 2008

The Financial Stability Forum (FSF) has presented to the G7 Finance Ministers and central bank Governors a report making recommendations for enhancing the resilience of markets and financial institutions.

DNB to impose a supervisory measure on ABN AMRO Bank N.V. December 2005
De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) has announced on 19 December 2005, that it has imposed a supervisory measure on ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and its branches in New York and Chicago, pursuant to the Act on the Supervision of the Credit System 1992.
Proceedings of the Symposium Financial Stability Policy: Challenges in the Asian Era October 2004
In October this year we marked the foundation of our Financial Stability Division with a Financial Stability Symposium.
Nota Handhavingsbeleid AFM, DNB en PVK November 2003
Nota Handhavingsbeleid AFM, DNB en PVK, dd. juli 2003.
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