International conference on sustainable investment for central bankers

Date 21 September 2018
On 21 September 2018, DNB will be hosting an international conference on sustainable investment for and by central bankers.

How can central banks incorporate sustainability principles into their own investment and reserve management policies? That is the central theme of the conference. In managing their assets, central banks are increasingly committed to sustainable investment. Cooperation is key in promoting sustainable investment by central banks, and by organising this conference DNB is making a valuable contribution.

Some 100 representatives of central banks from 30 countries will gather at the conference, and 20 speakers will share their experiences through a varied programme of speeches, panels and workshops. Frank Elderson, Executive Director of DNB and Chair of the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS), will open the conference with his speech "Why sustainable finance is the new paradigm". DNB Executive Director Else Bos will talk about "Key elements to integrating sustainable and responsible investment" and Axel Weber, Chair of UBS Group AG, can be seen in a videotalk entitled "The journey towards sustainable investment". Other international speakers include Deputy Director General Torsti Silvonen of the ECB and Director General Nathalie Aufauvre of Banque de France.

DNB and the other members of the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System are committed to integrating sustainability into finance.