Press release: Watch out for phishing emails

Press release
Date 31 January 2018

Be aware of emails that seem to originate from a bank, while in reality they are not. They are most likely phishing emails. If you receive an email asking you to enter personal details such as security codes or bank account numbers, just delete the email.

A bank will never ask you for such details by email or telephone. Anyone asking you for them is a scammer who wishes to use your bank account for illegal purposes.

Increase in phishing following DDoS attacks
We are warning account holders over phishing scams because there may be an increase in phishing emails in the wake of the wave of DDoS attacks on websites of banks and other institutions seen in recent days.

It is often seen that DDoS attacks on banks are followed by a surge in phishing emails to bank account holders. Scammers may want to catch account holders off guard shortly after such digital attacks to try and get their hands on sensitive bank account details.

More information about phishing emails
If you believe you have received a phishing email, do not provide any details and do not contact the sender, but delete the email. If you wish to know more about phishing, go to the dedicated web page of the Dutch Payments Association at  or to your own bank's website.

Bank services continue to be available
The recent DDoS attacks are very sophisticated, but banks have actively organised their defences to ensure the continued availability of their online and mobile banking systems.

In a DDoS attack a website is flooded with data traffic, causing the server to slow down or crash. The website will subsequently be difficult to contact. DDoS attacks will generally only make a website difficult to contact, and attackers do not intrude banking systems. The security of customer data was never compromised in recent days.

The banks have continuously consulted among each other and collaborated with the authorities, including DNB, in the past few days. Various consultation structures are in place that are aimed at a rapid normalisation of payment systems where needed.

End of press release
For more information, please contact Tobias Oudejans by telephone at +31 20 524 3100 +31 06 524 96961.