Press release: DNB to prioritise digital strategy, management of climate risks and financial crime prevention

Press release
Date 29 November 2018

Dutch financial supervisory authority De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) will explore further options for conducting supervision by using electronically obtained and analysed data in the calender year ahead. We will also work to incorporate climate-related risks in our assessment frameworks for supervising banks, insurance firms and pension funds in 2019 and continue to examine how financial institutions prevent involvement in organised crime.

Supervisory agenda for 2019

These and other elements will feature in our supervision of the Dutch financial sector next year. Our Supervision Outlook for 2019 as published today addresses them in more detail. It discusses the highlights planned for the year ahead to which we will devote additional attention in addition to our ongoing prudential supervision.

Supervision priorities

The various elements of the Supervision Outlook follow on from the three long-term supervision goals until 2022. These are: responding to technological innovation, fostering future orientation and sustainability and taking a hard stance against financial and economic crime. We discussed these long-term goals in the DNB Supervisory Strategy 2018-2022 issued in late 2017.

Digital technology and blockchain

Responding to technological innovation, we will examine further options to digitise our supervisory process. We will consider whether digital technology could help us take a more risk-based approach, detecting relevant risks at acceptable costs and improving our response to their underlying coherence. We will also continue to study the implications of adopting blockchain technology and potential regulation of cryptos, such as bitcoins.


We will continue our ongoing dialogue with the financial sector to adjust our supervisory frameworks to incorporate climate-related risks. In addition, we will maintain our efforts to monitor climate-related developments and measures in society that could directly or indirectly impact investments made and loans issued by financial institutions. Furthermore, we remain committed to targeted international and European collaboration, including through the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS).

Gatekeeper role

As part of our efforts to prevent financial and economic crime, we will again call upon financial institutions to strengthen their gatekeeper role. Our thematic examinations next year will focus on tax risks and social impropriety, and involvement in undermining and organised crime.

Tail risks

In addition to our ongoing supervision in the coming year, we will also devote special attention to anticipating tail risks, which are risks that have a small likelihood of occurring but could have major consequences.

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