Statistical News Release: Assets of Dutch investment funds reach new all-time high

Statistical news
Datum 16 augustus 2019

The past quarter saw assets of Dutch investment funds reach a record EUR 924 billion. This was mainly the result of two quarters of continuous positive returns on equity investments. The sector's investment volume also grew as a result of net deposits totalling EUR 818 million.

Following two turbulent quarters, the investment funds’ asset position past quarter settled down again somewhat. In recent quarters, the asset position of investment funds varied relatively strongly as a result of disinvestments, investments and gains on investments.

In the second quarter of 2019 the investment funds recorded positive returns. Mainly as a result of this, assets on a quarterly basis rose more than EUR 17 billion to peak at a new all-time high of EUR 924,4 billion, representing growth of 1,9%.

The rise is largely attributable to EUR 12,3 billion gains on investments held by equity and bond investment funds. Rises in the value of equity investments are more or less in line with profits seen at international stock exchanges in the same period: AEX +2.3%, S&P +2.3%, and MSCI World +1.9%. In addition, net investments (deposits) in investment funds contributed to asset growth of EUR 818 million. The deposits are the result of deposits at investment funds, households and foreign holdings of more than EUR 1,7 billion and withdrawals of more than EUR 900 million at other sectors.

Further information
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