Featured statistic: EUR 15 billion

Date 20 April 2006

In anticipation of their accession to the European Union as of 1 May 2004, direct investment in the ten acceding countries had been rising for some time (note 1). Last year, the growth in Dutch direct investment in these countries continued, with Dutch enterprises investing EUR 1.1 billion, EUR 0.8 billion of which by way of new equity capital. According to provisional figures, outstanding capital participations and intra-group financing totalled EUR 15 billion at year-end 2005; a 10% increase on 2004. 

According to the figures, particularly the larger countries (like Polandand the Czech Republic) are attractive for outsourcing activities, which is probably due to their relatively cheap labour forces and good infrastructures. Also Dutch enterprises – primarily service providers – are outsourcing activities to these countries, whereas industrial enterprises have as yet invested little in the new EU Member States.

Note 1: Consisting of: Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakiaand the Czech Republic.

Graph - Total Dutch direct investment outstanding in the ten new EU Member States in billion euros