Het actuele getal

Date 2 May 2006
Featured statistic: 75%

Most Dutch pension funds offer their members a survivor’s pension. The number of pension funds with an accrual-based survivor’s pension continued to decrease last year, to 75%. A growing number of pension funds – about 20% – offer risk-based survivor’s pensions.

In the first variant, the member’s accrued entitlements are maintained when the member is no longer an active member. A member changing jobs can transfer his entitlements to the new pension fund. Also, upon retirement, the member has the right to exchange the survivor’s pension for extra old age pension. 

A risk-based survivor’s pension does not have these advantages, and has the nature of an insurance. So long as the member is active and contribution is paid, his survivors will receive a pension benefit should he die. When the member is no longer active, the survivor loses the right to a pension.

In spite of the advantages of an accrual-based survivor’s pension, it has been losing ground for years (see the Chart), because risk-based survivor’s pensions are cheaper and make for lower pension contributions.

Graph - Survivor’s pension of Dutch pension funds