Featured statistic: EUR 23 billion

Date 27 June 2006

Italy has won the world championship! At the end of the first quarter of 2006, the Netherlands’ direct investment in Italy totalled EUR 23 billion (note 1). This makes the world football champion eighth on the list of countries in which the Netherlands invests. 

The value of this investment has grown steadily over the past years, by around 20%, an expansion accounted for mainly by existing investment. With slack economic growth and possible remaining obstacles to mergers and acquisitions, Italy seems to have been an unattractive country for new Dutch investment. The first quarter of 2006, however, saw a record amount of new investment in Italy, notably as a result of the takeover of Antonveneta by ABN AMRO. Dutch businesses have a presence notably in the financial services industry and industrial sectors such as metals, electrical engineering and chemicals.

Italian businesses, however, invest relatively little in the Netherlands. After 2001, practically no new investment was undertaken here. At the end of the first quarter, the outstanding amount was a mere EUR 2.5 billion.

Note 1: Provisional figures

Graph - Dutch direct investment in Italy in billions of euros