Featured statistic: 92%

Date 25 July 2006

Almost 92% of all health insurance policyholders have taken out supplementary health cover.

The new health care system introduced this year requires every Dutch national to take out basic health insurance. In addition, every resident of the Netherlands is free to buy supplementary health cover, and the bulk of the population has in fact done so. During the first quarter some 16.1 million basic policies and 14.8 supplementary policies were written. By consequence some 1.3 health insurance policyholders (8%) have bought only basic cover.

A possible explanation for the large number of supplementary cover policies sold may be in the fact that collective (group) contracts were usually accompanied by attractive supplementary cover offers, which in most cases did not involve preselection.

Graph - Policyholders with basic and with basic plus supplementary cover in percentage of all health in insurance policyholders