Featured statistic: 9%

Date 5 September 2006

In 2005 Dutch enterprises once again realised a significant return of around 9% on their equity capital in foreign subsidiaries and other foreign enterprises (see chart).

This rate represents as much as EUR 30 billion in distributed dividends and reinvested earnings (which are both booked as receipts in the balance of payments). The strong figures over the past years, following the deflation of the equity market bubble in 2001 and 2002, are consistent with the recovery which is also described in the enterprises’ own annual reports. The return on investment in the Netherlands by foreign enterprises showed an even more robust development. 

The virtual doubling of this figure to more than 8% could reflect that, notably in the Netherlands, after a number of years of lagging behind in terms of economic growth, economic prospects have improved. The rising line in domestic and foreign returns is probably significantly linked to the disposal of less profitable group divisions in previous years.

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