Featured statistic: 10,8%

Date 20 February 2007

In 2006, Dutch collective investment schemes recorded a return of 10.8%. Return is calculated as the total proceeds from investments (including price gains) relative to the total amount of investments. This means that the Dutch funds recorded positive results for the fourth year running (see the Chart).

Chart Return Dutch collective investment schemes (1997 - 2006)



The Dutch real estate funds performed extremely well, recording a return of nearly 19%. In line with developments in the European stock markets, Dutch equity funds targeting the Dutch and European markets recorded similar results. Other fund types recorded return between 0.1% (bond funds) and 9% (global equity funds).

Thanks to these favourable results, the balance sheet total of the Dutch funds has expanded to EUR 116.7 billion at end-2006. A more detailed analysis of the collective investment schemes can be found in the March Statistical Bulletin (Dutch version to be published on 28 March 2007).