Featured statistic: EUR 86 billion

Date 3 April 2007

In 2006, Dutch residents received EUR 86 billion in income from abroad. Practically the entire amount concerns investment capital: income on direct investment, portfolio investment and other investment (e.g. loans).

Chart Income receipts and expenditures



Both income receipts and income expenditures have increased more than fivefold over the past twenty years, especially as a result of the liberalisation of capital transactions (see Chart). Income receipts have grown relatively fast in recent years, driven in particular by the sharp rise in the growth of income on foreign direct investment. However, while in no small measure attributable to the robust growth of our interests abroad, the increase in income receipts also reflects the fact that, since 2000, the average return on our investment abroad has been about 1.5% higher than the return realised by foreign companies on their investment in the Netherlands.