Featured statistic: 53%

Date 17 April 2007

More than half of the Dutch population (53%) has a basic health insurance through a collective contract. This amounts to 8.6 million Dutch citizens.

Chart Number of policyholders (basic insurance) by contract type, 31-12-2006



This considerable percentage is accounted for in part by the new health care system, which was introduced with 1 January 2006. Under this system, insurers may give a maximum discount of 10 per cent on a collective insurance. This facility renders it financially attractive for many Dutch citizens to participate in a collective contract.

The new Health Care Act provides for more opportunities to join a collective. Under the new Act, it is not only permitted to conclude a collective contract via one’s employer, but also for other specific groups (e.g. members of patients associations, trade unions or a sports federations) to negotiate a collective contract. And part-timers, too, are henceforth enabled to have themselves insured via their partners’ collective contracts.