Featured statistic: EUR 45 billion

Date 30 May 2007

At EUR 45 billion, equity funds are the most popular Dutch fund type. Having developed positively since 2003 (at nearly 13 percent per year on average), their relative importance has increased accordingly. In four years’ time, the share of equity funds in the total portfolio investment sector went up from 32% to 38%. This development should, however, be seen in its proper perspective, as in early 2000 equity funds accounted for a considerably larger share than today (see Chart).

Balans sheet total of Dutch equity funds


From 2003, the growth is attributable to the favourable developments on the stock exchanges, as a result of which price gains of well over EUR 18 billion were realised for equity funds. In addition, some EUR 3 billion in dividend income was collected. These returns amply sufficed to compensate for the net outflow of more than EUR 6 billion in the years under consideration. This transfer does not imply, though, that equity funds have lost popularity with Dutch investors. For, in this period, many Dutch collective investment funds were wound up as they were moved toLuxembourg, along with the investors. Owing in part to the improved economic climate, this trend practically came to an end in 2006.