Featured statistic: EUR 1,000 billion

Date 13 June 2007

End of 2006, Dutch and foreign security holders for the first time held more than EUR 1,000 billion in each other’s securities. The security holdings doubled compared to seven years ago (see Chart).

Chart Cross-border securities holdings

Cross-border shareholdings increased sharply again, owing to both purchases and favourable developments on the global stock exchanges. The increase in value of Dutch foreign shareholdings was even damped by negative exchange rate effects following the depreciation of the US dollar and Japanese yen. Holdings of foreign and domestic debt securities rose, too, but primarily owing to purchases, and to a lesser extent to valuation effects. Both Dutch and foreign investors shifted their attention to debt securities with a longer maturity. No appreciable changes occurred in the geographical and sectoral breakdowns of the securities holdings.

Cross-border securities holdings will be covered in more detail in the June issue of DNB’s Statistical Bulletin (date of publication: 27 June 2007).