Featured statistic: EUR 535 billion

Date 26 June 2007

End of March 2007, mortgage loans received by Dutch households’ totalled more than EUR 535 billion, i.e. EUR 100 billion more than a good two years ago.

On the Dutch mortgage market, various suppliers are active. The largest among them is the banking sector, which has lent over EUR 385 billion in residential mortgages to Dutch households. The lion’s share of these mortgages has a term to maturity of more than 5 years. Banks account for a mortgage market share fluctuating around 72%. Furthermore, in recent years special purpose vehicles took over many mortgage loans from banks through so-termed securitisation transactions, increasing their share of the mortgage market from 10% in 2002 to over 21% now. The amount of mortgage loans extended by pension funds and insurers is comparatively modest (6%). 

Chart Residential mortgages of Dutch households