Featured Statistic: 0.1% = 56%

Date 27 November 2007

A mere 0.1% of the number of transactions accounts for 56% of payments turnover, according to De Nederlandsche Bank’s quarterly data on payment patterns among Dutch households and enterprises.

Chart Express transfers

The transactions in question are express transfers that dominate the value of Dutch retail payments. Although relatively small in number (1.5 million), they are large in value terms (EUR 853 billion, first quarter 2007 data). When processing express transfers, the banks execute clients’ payment orders immediately (real time).

Notably enterprises use this form of payment (for, say, acquisitions or tax payments) to pay exactly on the due date. But households occasionally make express transfers too (e.g. for house or car purchases). Total turnovers are increasing, as is the average amount paid by express transfer (Chart). The average express transfer made by enterprises exceeds that made by individuals by a factor of 50 to 60.