Featured statistic: 55%

Date 12 December 2007

At the end of the third quarter of 2007, Dutch households held over 55% of their fund assets in funds established in the Netherlands. This is considerably less than at the beginning of 2006, when Dutch funds still accounted for almost two-thirds of private fund assets (see the Chart).

Chart Geographical distribution of Dutch households' fund assets

In contrast, the share of Luxembourg funds in Dutch households’ fund assets has increased from 31% to 39% since the beginning of 2006. It should be noted in this context that over the past few years Dutch fund managers, too, have transferred many funds to Luxembourg or set up new funds there.

Luxembourg investment funds’ attractiveness to the private sector appears to have decreased slightly in 2007. While in 2006 there were still considerable flows into these funds (almost EUR 5 billion), almost EUR 2 billion was withdrawn from Luxembourg funds during the first three quarters of 2007. However, at the same time the private sector also reduced its investment in funds established in the Netherlands, by approximately the same amount.

More information on the popularity of Dutch investment funds can be found in the December issue of the Statistical Bulletin