Featured Statistic: EUR 19.6 billion

Date 6 February 2008

In the period 2006-IV to 2007-III, Dutch pension funds received income of EUR 19.6 billion from their marketable investments (EUR 10.4 billion in dividends and EUR 9.2 billion in interest income). This so-termed investment income is increasing quarter-on-quarter.

Chart Pension funds’ investment income

Although pension funds only marginally expanded their equity portfolios, dividend income increased relatively rapidly. In the first three quarters of 2007 almost as much was received in dividends as in the whole of 2006. This confirms earlier reports on increased dividend payments by (listed) enterprises. In contrast, the amount of interest income has barely edged up.

Foreign securities make up more than 80% of pension funds’ equities and bonds portfolios. Around three-quarters of dividend income and 90% of interest income is of foreign origin. These percentages reflect the pension funds’ cross-border positions in those securities portfolios.