Featured statistic: 70%

Date 18 March 2008

Little by little, life is becoming more expensive. This means that, if not adjusted, the value of a pension slowly declines. Most pension schemes provide for an ambition to raise pensions on the basis of wage movements (wage-indexed) or price movements (inflation-indexed).

This annual rise is called indexation. For 70% of employees with a pension, the indexation is based on industry-wide wage movements.

Chart Indexation bases for active members











Of the pensioners, 55% saw their pension indexed on the basis of industry-wide wage movements.

Indexation is usually conditional. This means that there is no automatic claim to an increase of the pension by the standard concerned; indexation depends on the pension fund's financial position. The indexations awarded to active members and pensioners in 2008 are published in the March edition of the Statistical Bulletin (Table 8.8).

Chart Indexation bases for pensioners