Featured statistic: EUR 72 billion

Date 14 April 2008

At end-2007, Dutch investors held EUR 278 billion worth of foreign central government bonds (debt certificates relating to government debt with a maturity of more than one year). Central government bonds account for over a quarter of all investments in foreign securities.

Chart Top Ten foreign central government bonds (EUR billion)

German government-issued Bunds were the most popular of the central government bonds held by Dutch investors. At end-December, Dutch investors held EUR 72 billion worth of German central government bonds. In second place, EUR 58 billion worth of Obligations assimilables du Trésor, issued by the French government. The third place is held by Buoni del Tesoro Polianuali, accounting for EUR 50 billion.

Combined, they represent 65% of the total holdings of foreign central government bonds. The only non-European bonds in this Top Ten are US Treasury bonds and Japanese Government Bonds, holding seventh and ninth place, respectively.