Featured statistic: EUR 7 billion

Date 28 May 2008

Dutch collective investment schemes saw their equity investments decline in value by EUR 7 billion in the first quarter of this year (over 13% of their equity portfolio). This value decrease is in line with the movement of the leading stock indices (AEX: -14%; MSCI World Index: -12%).

Chart Relative change in value of equity investments of collective investment schemes and comparison with AEX and MSCI World Index

This largest drop in over five years’ time reflects the downward spiral into which financial markets slipped early this year. With rises from 7 to 10% on the first quarter, stock exchange sentiments are positive again, though. Therefore, collective investment schemes are expected to have already regained some of the ground lost.

The drop in equity value caused collective investment schemes' aggregate balance sheet total as at 31 March 2008 to fall below EUR 100 billion.