Featured statistic: EUR 38 billion

Date 10 June 2008

In 2007, the Netherlands realised EUR 38 billion in net income from trade in goods. Dutch enterprises exported goods to the value of EUR 334 billion; against imports totalling EUR 296 billion in value. Owing primarily to this record surplus on the goods account, the current account balance stood at EUR 37 billion in 2007.

Chart Net trade balance as a percentage of GDP

Russia leads all European Football Championship participants when it comes to trade balance as a percentage of GDP. It owes this position largely to income from gas exports. Coming in behind  Germany, the Netherlands, at 7 percent, just falls short of being one of the two highest net earners, but 'beats' Sweden in the struggle for third position. Fellow group member Romania and reigning European champion Greece are at the bottom of the list, the latter spending almost one-fifth of its gross domestic product on trade in goods.