Featured statistic: EUR 322 billion

Date 14 October 2008

In three weeks the people of the US will elect a new President, the twelfth since World War II. The new president is to become the leader of a country which since 1945 has been the favourite destination of Dutch foreign direct (capital stakes and intragroup financing) and portfolio investment.

Chart Value of Dutch foreign direct and portfolio investment in the USA

Circa one-fifth of Dutch direct and portfolio investments currently is in US-based assets (end of 2nd quarter 2008), corresponding to an amount of EUR 322 billion. By comparison: foreign direct and portfolio investments in the United Kingdom, which ranks second on the Dutch foreign investment list, amount to 'only' EUR 195 billion.

Dutch investors in the USA mainly hold US stocks and bonds (total value EUR 242 billion). In majority, they are institutional investors, pension funds in particular. Dutch companies, too, have found their way to the US stock markets, holding EUR 80 billion’s worth of US corporate assets.