Featured statistic: EUR 25 billion

Date 29 October 2008

In 2007, Dutch life and pension insurance providers received nearly EUR 25 billion in premiums and contributions, respectively. This amount, which nearly equals life insurance premium and pension contribution income in 2006, makes up 36% of the total premiums and contributions received in 2007 by the insurance sector as a whole. The remaining percentage is largely accounted for by non-life insurers (including health care insurers), and in a small part by funeral expenses and benefits in kind insurers.

Life insurance premium and pension contribution income

Looking at the quarterly figures of life and pension insurers in the above chart, an interesting seasonal pattern can be perceived. Premium and contribution income in the first and last quarters are considerably higher ((+43% and +26% on average, respectively) than in the second and third quarters. This reflects the custom that annual premiums are paid in the first quarter of a year, and single premium policies are usually taken out at the end of a year.