Featured statistic: 27%

Date 30 December 2008

Only about 27% of total direct investment in the Netherlands remains in this country, i.e. around EUR 500 billion. In mid-2008, direct investment in the Netherlands totalled over EUR 1,800 billion.

 It consists mainly of participating interests with control in Dutch enterprises obtained through establishment or acquisition, and loans received. EUR 1,300 billion worth of investment was channelled to other countries by the 11,000 or so special financial institutions (SFIs) active in the Netherlands. Making use of the favourable business environment in the Netherlands, these SFIs serve as a kind of conduit for capital flows and loans. They usually take the form of holding companies or financing companies.

Direct investment abroad is flattered equally strongly by the SFIs’ transactions. Of outstanding investment of EUR 2,150 billion, EUR 1,550 billion is channelled to other countries, while nearly 28% (EUR 600 billion) 'really' originates in the Netherlands. See Tables 12.10 and 12.14 of DNB's Statistical Bulletin.