Featured statistic: -6 percent

Date 13 April 2010

Dutch real estate in Dutch real estate funds’ portfolios has dropped in 2009 close on 6 percent in value. This value development, also referred to as indirect return, was reasonably in line with the decline in value according to the ROZ/IPD index (Dutch Real Estate Index). Some compensation, though, was provided by positive direct returns, especially rental income.

Measured by balance sheet, Dutch real estate funds made up one-tenth of the Dutch investment funds as at 31 December 2009. On that date, the value of Dutch real estate in their predominantly international real estate portfolio stood at EUR 16 billion. Since end 2008, a sharp turnaround has taken place worldwide on the market for commercial real estate as demand for office space and other real estate came under pressure due to the economic downturn. The resulting price falls on the commercial real estate market have led to losses for portfolio investors and made financial institutions more cautious regarding commercial real estate finance.

Return on Dutch real estate of Dutch estate funds