Featured statistic: EUR 350 million

Date 10 August 2009

The Dutch real estate sector, like other sectors, was not left unscathed by the economic downturn. Balance of payments figures show that the drop in turnover is not solely caused by Dutch residents, but also by foreign parties. During the first five months of this year, non-domestics acquired almost EUR 400 million worth of Dutch real estate, compared to EUR 900 million last year. With sales of Dutch real estate by non-residents decreasing even faster, net purchases were still up some EUR 350 million.

In the most recent months this increase was also aided by a rise in purchases. In May 2009, foreign parties bought real estate in the Netherlands for EUR 171 million, the largest amount since October 2008. Sales dropped even further to a EUR 36 million low. For the second month in a row, net purchases therefore managed to show a slight recovery.

Germany is by far the most strongly represented country in the Dutch real estate market, accounting for nearly two thirds of total foreign-held property. It is followed at considerable distance by the United States and the United Kingdom, at 12 and 7 percent respectively.

According to the IMF guidelines, investments in real estate by non-residents are classified in the balance of payments as direct investment.

Gross and net non-resident purchases of Dutch real estate