Antillean guilders exchangeable at tax offices on BES islands

Date 27 January 2011

Residents of the islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba will be able to exchange Netherlands Antillean guilders (NAfs) at no extra cost even after 31 January. NAfs may then be exchanged at the local Tax Administration offices.

This decision follows from Section 13 of the Wet geldstelsel BES [Act on the BES monetary system] which provides for a temporary facility for the BES islands to exchange NAfs free of charge, even after the dual period expires.

Besides at Tax Administration offices, the public on the BES islands may also exchange NAfs at banks. After 31 January, however, NAfs will be regarded on the BES islands as a foreign currency. The banks will then apply a commercial exchange rate and may charge transaction fees. The Tax Administration offices on the BES islands will use the official exchange rate of NAf 1,79 = $ 1 without extra charges.

The end-date of the facility has been fixed at 30 June 2011. Netherlands Antillean guilders are still legal currency on CuraƧao and Sint Maarten and may be exchanged there at the local Central Bank.