Visitation of Payments Division

Date 8 August 2011

"We get better if someone holds a mirror to us every now and again”. With this in mind, DNB invited an external committee to subject its payments policy to a critical inspection.

The three-person committee consisted of Hans Honig, partner at Deloitte,  Marylka Zwiebel-Klaeijsen, senior-manager at Deloitte and Leo van Hove, a Belgian professor with payments expertise.  These professionals were asked to take a close look at how payments policy is prepared and determined and assess if the policy pursued is effective and efficient and appreciated by DNB 's external stakeholders. 

To enable them to do a thorough job, the visitation committee was given access to internal policy documents. Furthermore, it conducted confidential interviews with over 20 DNB specialists and more than 20 representatives of the 16 different organisations involved in payments operations. On the basis of the information thus gathered, the committee concluded that DNB ’s payments policy is convincingly pursued. In addition, it made several recommendations for DNB on how to optimise its payments policy further.

DNB and, in particular, its payments division, is pleased about the committee’s positive judgment. It also embraces the suggestions for further optimisation of the payments operations, which it will translate into concrete policy. DNB wants to thank everyone who cooperated in this visitation and provided valuable feedback for their contribution