DNB publishes a report on behaviour in the boardrooms of financial institutions

Date 19 March 2013

Today, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) published a report entitled Leading by Example. The report presents the main findings in the DNB examination on behaviour in the boardrooms of financial institutions. DNB's intention is to induce institutions to put the topic of conduct and culture high on their board agendas.

Conduct and culture influence institutions' financial performance, integrity and repuation, and thus the general confidence in the financial sector. Since 2011, this topic has therefore been one of DNB's supervision spearheads. In 2011 and 2012, DNB examined behaviour in a total of thirty banks, insurers and pension funds. Behaviour at the top was given central stage: the prime target were executive and nonexecutive directors. Aspects examined included leadership, decision-making, internal and external communication and group dynamics.

Leading by example
The main findings in the examination are presented in the report published today and entitled Leading by Example. Besides a generic overview of the results, the report also gives examples of 'good' behaviour. The good examples can serve as handles for institutions to direct their policies towards desirable behaviour in their managing and supervisory boardrooms.

Conduct and culture is a subject on which DNB is particularly keen to engage the sector in dialogue. This is why DNB held a seminar entitled Leading by Example on Tuesday the 19th of March. During the seminar, DNB shared its examination results with the sector and institutions' officials outlined their firms' efforts to improve conduct and culture in their boardrooms.

The report's main conclusion is that institutions were seen to attach value to their own behaviour and corporate culture. However, the focus on this subject still needs to be rooted more permanently inside the organisation. The full report may be downloaded using the link below.

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